Titan Climbing http://www.titanclimbing.com
Martin Roberts, producer of the world’s first certified titanium bolt and long involved with sport climbing development in South Thailand has a great bolt design that features many improvements on previous designs of titanium resin bolts. His design is not weld dependent, has stamped grooves for resin adhesion, an inference fit for installation in vertical placements and is rated to 45kN. Each bolt is individually stamped for traceability.

I use titanium resin bolts in combination with ETAG rated epoxy in any marine area, regardless of the rock type.


Bolt Products http://www.bolt-products.com
Jim Titt, the wizard of bolting technology, has produced a range of bolts that are the strongest on the market. Sustainable bolting at an affordable cost.

BD pig

Black Diamond http://www.blackdiamondequipment.com
Their haul bags are legendary in durability and provide an excellent means of packing bulky bolting equipment on overseas trips. Camalots, lighting systems, rope bags and rucksacks are key Black Diamond products that support all my new route activities.


Sterling rope http://www.sterling.com
Superior handling and long lasting abrasion resistance make Sterling the world leader in rope technology. I use Sterling’s HTP range of static rope for bolting and their Evolve or Marathon range for climbing.


Bosch www.boschtools.com/

The GBH 18 V-EC is an excellent lightweight drill that uses brushless motor technology to increase run time from a mere 18 volt Li-Ion supply. The same drilling capacity as a Hilti TE-6A for half the weight.

Their batteries are interchangeable and can be used for their excellent cordless angle grinder too.

petzl logo

New routing involves prolonged periods of time suspended off the ground and comfort cannot be compromised. Petzl’s Avao full body harness provides the much needed comfort whilst gear attachment points being able to support heavy items such as a drill.

I combine the full body harness with a Petzl Podium seat for maximum comfort and organisation of equipment.


6 thoughts on “Hardware

  1. Hi Francis,
    Where do you buy your equipment from? Are there any good suppliers in Hong Kong or do you order directly through those websites?

    • Michael,

      I order directly from those websites. Resin bolts are virtually impossible to buy in Hong Kong, the only exception being the odd Petzl Collinox as sold by Mountain Services in Fortress Hill. They also stock Petzl 316SS expansion bolts however these equate to double the price of the SS316 resin bolts I use from Bolt Products. You can’t buy rap rings here at all.

      If you need anything then send me a message as I maintain stocks of the bolts I use.



      • Thanks for the quick reply.

        If I could work something out with you that would be perfect. What is the best way to contact you directly?

  2. Hi Francis,

    Great information! Where do you source your Sterling ropes from? I live in the UK, but they only seem to list distributors in the US. Do you just ship them from the US?



    • Hi Cole,

      Thanks for your compliment. I source from a dealer in Hong Kong or occasionally through a dealer I know personally.

      It should be possible to place an order directly with Sterling so suggest you contact Paul Niland via Sterling Ropes’s Contact Us page.



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